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10 November 2016

Money reVerse University is Open for Enrollment!

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Enroll Now for Financial Education and Empowerment!

Money reVerse University

The Money reVerse vision is that all Christians are outstanding financial mangers, debt free, cheerful givers, financially credible, property owners, savers, investors, high-wage earners, family supporters and legacy creators.

Money reVerse University provides you the wisdom, knowledge and coaching to make this vision a reality in your life!

Enroll in Money reVerse University now for biblically based financial education and enablement! Once you're enrolled you'll get announcements of the new classes first!

There is no cost to enroll in Money reVerse University. Once enrolled, you will have the opportunity to enroll in specific classes that have a tuition. There are more classes coming in the near future including some that are tuition free!

Enroll today. I'll see you there!


21 August 2016

I've partnered with!

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I'm honored to have recently joined the writing team at! has a mission to make a free online version of the bible accessible for those with vision impairments. is published in a format that is specifically optimized for screen readers, braille displays and tailored for individuals with color blindness, low vision and other visual challenges. This makes it a free online bible that is available to an underserved community. I love the mission of this organization!

I am writing articles for the blog. In staying true to Money reVerse, I’m bringing the biblical financial principles into focus for the readers.

Make a point to visit me there! If you like what you read, leave me a comment there!

Here’s my an article on debt.



08 September 2014

Money reVerse is on Facebook

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Money reVerse is on facebook. Enough said.

It's If you like me here can you please go and like me there? I'm going to have great stuff there... and I like likes On facebook…

Ok...See you there!! On facebook…

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!

Money reVerse is on facebook.

Enough said.