21 August 2016

I've partnered with BibleVerses.com!

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I'm honored to have recently joined the writing team at BibleVerses.com!

BibleVerse.com has a mission to make a free online version of the bible accessible for those with vision impairments. BibleVerses.com is published in a format that is specifically optimized for screen readers, braille displays and tailored for individuals with color blindness, low vision and other visual challenges. This makes it a free online bible that is available to an underserved community. I love the mission of this organization!

I am writing articles for the BibleVerses.com blog. In staying true to Money reVerse, I’m bringing the biblical financial principles into focus for the readers.

Make a point to visit me there! If you like what you read, leave me a comment there!

Here’s my BibleVerses.com an article on debt.



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