• Are you a Christian? Ready to take your rightful place in the area of finances and be who He has called you to be?
  • Release yourself from the bondage of debt. As believers, we should be the lender and not the borrower.
  • Improve your finances in the next 90 days using Christian biblical principles for managing money and possessions.
  • 21 Days to Stock Market Investing class starts December 4th.  Click here to enroll now!

Elevate your financial position with Money reVerse

Money reVerse is a catalyst in the process of reversing substandard financial conditions in the body of Christ.

We are an organization that recognizes, practices, encourages and teaches Christian biblical principles for managing money and possessions. Get Started

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Carolyn shares her passion to adopt and share Christian biblical principles for managing money and possessions to prosper in the financial, career, family and personal dimensions of life.

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Listen for Carolyn's advice on how to become outstanding financial managers, debt free, cheerful givers, property owners, savers, investors, high wage earners, family supporters and legacy creators.

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Want to jump into stock market investing to ride the market all-time highs? This is an interactive classroom group session designed for those that are starting to learn about the financial markets and trading. Check back later about upcoming dates and booking information!