19 August 2011

Money reVerse - The bible instructions on handling money

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I am convinced that our guiding principles for handling money and possessions are already established in God's word.  Some Wonder why this blog is named Money-Reverse?  Good question.  Let me explain...

General categories of these guiding principles are as follows:

  1. The Lord wants us to prosper
  2. Recognizing God as the true owner of everything
  3. Managing what is personally entrusted to us
  4. Working to earn a living
  5. Taking care of family
  6. Avoiding debt
  7. Giving to the building of God's kingdom
  8. Giving to the poor
  9. Being a generous giver
  10. Paying what we owe...on time
  11. Saving and investing
  12. Preparing for your demise
  13. Leaving a legacy
Scriptures support basic instructions on these topics.  These instructions are as valid for us today as they were for the early followers of Christ.  

I'd like to encourage all readers to join me in examining the bible verses that support these instructions.  I promise you that there have been no new verses inserted or appended to God's word to guide us in these days that could prove to be financially challenging.  The prefix re means "again" when you pair it with the root word that immediately follows.  Because it is likely that you've studied these scriptures before, I'd like for us to re-read these verses and look at them as if you're seeking God's instructions on managing money and possessions.  Let's call this a re-verse exercise with the goal of reversing all non-biblical, unfavorable individual and global financial conditions.

Are you in?  Let me know and stay tuned! 

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