02 May 2013

Stock Market Primer Session - Your questions answered online!

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Talk about a fun morning!  I was recently invited to be a guest speaker at a Saturday morning Christian Ministry small group meeting.  The focus of the meeting was to introduce the attendees to the US stock market and investing concepts.  After getting the invite, I was so honored and responded that I would love to play a part in this opportunity to encourage others to expand their financial knowledge.

16 April 2013

North Central Texas College - Flower Mound, Texas: It was great being a part of your semester!

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Wow!  When that’s all you know to say, you know that it was a great day!

I was invited to North Central Texas College in Flower Mound, Texas as a guest speaker for the Learning Frameworks class today.   I must say that I had such a fun time!  Thanks again for instructor Harold Jackson (coach) for inviting me to stand in his stead.  The students in this class were engaging and encouraged to move forward with becoming more fiscally empowered!  

As I mentioned to the class, April is National Financial Literacy Month!  Everyone is encouraged to devote time and commitment to improving their personal knowledge, strategies and involvement in their personal and business finances.  The key objective here is to better enable us to build a secure future for ourselves and our families through the financial decisions that we make on a daily basis.

Ok class members... Here’s the summary of the class take-aways!

  1. Begin using a spending plan!  Be purposeful in how you handle every penny that is entrusted to you.  A key way to do that is to prepare a plan and measure against the plan with the actuals for your income and spending.  If you’d like to use the spreadsheets that I used in the examples, request them from me.  They are free!
  2. If you haven’t reviewed your credit report and credit score in the last 12 months, take an action to do that now!  Visit www.annualcreditreport.com to get your entitled credit reports from each of the three credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion).  You are entitled to one free report from each bureau each year.  I’d advise you to get your credit score when requesting this credit report.  This score can included with your order for less an $10.
  3. Know what is used to calculate your FICO credit score and adjust your actions as needed to improve your score.  Your FICO score is within the range of 300 to 850 and is made up of the following sources: 

Your FICO Score Explained

35% of your FICO score is based on your payment history.  On-time payments improve   your score.  Late payments means a lower score

30% of your FICO score is based on the amount of credit that you owe.  To improve your score, don’t charge your accounts to the limit.  Try to keep each credit account at no more than 30% charged.

15% of your FICO score is based on the length of time that you’ve had credit.  Don’t cancel the credit cards that you’ve had a long time.  Pay them off and hold them!  The older “account opened” dates improve your FICO score

10% of your FICO score is based on the types of credit that you have.  Try and maintain  a mortgage, revolving and installment account without blemishes and watch your score improve!

10% of your FICO score is based on credit inquiries.  Lenders requesting information on your credit history tend to lower your score as it creates questions of you potentially becoming overextended.  Plan when you will give companies permission to pull your credit information and try to do your “price shopping” activities within a 14 day time span to limit the number of inquiries on your report.

Again, thanks to Coach Jackson and the students of NCTC Learning Frameworks class for welcoming me.  Here’s to a more abundant financial life for each of us as a result of our paths crossing!


26 February 2013

Money reVerse Stock Trading DVD Course Winner Announced!

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Congratulations to Jo Ann Williams!!  She is the winner of the Money reVerse Stock Trading DVD Course by Jeff Cooper "Seven Setups that Consistently Make Money".

As a Money reVerse follower by email, Joann was selected by a random drawing as the winner of this investment education DVD course.  When she was informed of this win, she thanked God and celebrated shamelessly!!   

Stay tuned for announcements of additional opportunities to win from Money reVerse.

In case you're wondering - JoAnn Williams is my sister!  Family members and friends of the Money reVerse author (yours truly) are eligible to win!



20 January 2013

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

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Remembering and Honoring
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

09 January 2013

Win a Stock Trading DVD Course from Money reVerse!

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Win a Stock Trading DVD Course from Money reVerse!

Trade Secrets

Seven Set-ups that Consistently Make Money 

by Jeff Cooper

Make money in the stock market in 2013.  Learn a winning trading strategy on your time schedule!!

A reliable trading set-up can be worth a fortune in winning trades.  

In this DVD course, Jeff Cooper, author of the bestsellingHit and Run books, hands over his seven most consistently profitable set-ups.  

With great detail, this course provides an explanation of each set-up and examples of the money making power in action!

Winner will be selected from a random drawing of Money reVerse subscribers and followers on Thursday 1/31/2013.

Subscribe to www.moneyreverse.net via email or follow @moneyreverse on twitter and you're entered to win!

Follow Money reVerse blog and twitter and you're entered twice!!

Pencils, Bowl of berries, tablet and reading glasses not included with the DVD course.  (Berries tasted great!)

Official Rules:  Eligible entrants must be US residents age 18 or older on 1/31/2013.  No purchase necessary to enter.  Winner will be selected by random drawing of eligible participants.  Eligible participants are individuals that meet the above listed criteria and subscribe to email electronic updates (follow by email) to Money reVerse website at www.moneyreverse.net or by following twitter updates from @moneyreverse twitter account.  Electronic subscription confirmation must be completed for each entrant.  Each eligible participant may have a single entry for each email address that follows the Money reVerse website and a single entry for each twitter account that follows @moneyreverse.  Odds of winning determined by the number of entries.  Winner will receive a Trade Secrets DVD course Seven Set-ups that Consistently Make Money after being selected in a random drawing on 1/31/2013.  Winner will be notified by the communications method used to enter the sweepstakes and will have 14 days to acknowledge notification of prize winning.  Failure to respond to winner notification in 14 days will result in the forfeiting of the prize and an alternate winner being selected.  Prize estimated retail value is $129.00  Winner will be required to sign a release and affidavit of eligibility that allows the use of the winner's name and location and/or likeness in a notification/marking campaign sponsored by Money reVerse.  This sweepstakes is in no way affiliated with or sponsored by Marketplace Books or Twitter, Inc.  Money reVerse Carrollton, TX 

07 January 2013

Fiscal Cliff: Simple Explanation of Bush Tax Cuts

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In continuing the United States Fiscal Cliff simple explanations, the question on the floor is "What are the specific items that could effect our personal budgets in January 2013 if no tax relief extension measures are taken?" One of those items is the Bush Tax Cuts.

30 December 2012

Fiscal Cliff: Simple Explanations

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Turn on any TV news or radio station, visit any news web site or look what's trending on twitter and you will be greeted with conversations about the Fiscal Cliff. There are talks, interviews, speculation and arguments over the pending Fiscal Cliff issue.

28 December 2012

Money reVerse Apple iPad Mini Winner Announced!

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Congratulations to Chrissy Gilchrist of Keller, Texas.  She is the winner of an Apple iPad Mini compliments of Money reVerse.  Judging from Chrissy's twitter posts, she is an excited winner!

12 November 2012

NCTC Learning Frameworks Class - Thank you for welcoming me!

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NCTC Flower Mound Campus
Learning Frameworks Class

Money Roll

Thank you so much for welcoming me in your classroom to speak to you on managing your personal finances!

After being invited by Coach Jackson to be a guest speaker for this topic, I was eager to meet you all and play a part in encouraging you to take the lead role in determining how financial resources that are entrusted to you are managed and governed.

Here's a few items that I covered and asked of you:

1.  Get your free credit report via www.annualcreditreport.com.  At this site you will be able to choose to see your credit report from either of the major bureaus (Equifax, Experian, Trans Union).  You are entitled to get one free report annually as a part of this service. 

2.  You can also get your credit score for under $10 at the time that you request your annual credit report.  Not a bad deal.  Go for it and use this number as a starting point for future growth!

3.  Use a spending plan weekly!  This will help you to purposely spend and save in a manner that is in line with your financial goals.  If you would like to have the spreadsheets that I used in class, email me at .   I will get them to you right away!

4.  Watch your step - identify theft is on the rise!!  Keep yourself and your information out of the hands of those that would like to steal from you.  Watch your bank accounts and credit report to determine if someone is attempting to assume your name and identity.

Again, I appreciate you allowing me to share with you.  Here's to your financial life being better than you could ever imagine!



Carolyn M. Williams

06 November 2012

Join me at the Octane Leadership Conference - North Richland Hills, Texas

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Octane Leadership Conference - November 9th & 10th 2012 

North Richland Hills Center
North Richland Hills, Texas

It is a great time to review your current financial plans, priorities and practices as you determine if you're positioned to get to your desired destination.  


In looking at the definition of the word position, you will see the following words:
- Location             - Situation             - Posture
- State                   - Attitude              - Status
- Place                  - Outlook              - Standpoint

Think of the money and resources that are entrusted to you and the associated management practices that you're following today.  Are you in the location that you feel you should be?  How would you describe your current state?  

Come to the Octane Leadership conference and get practical tools and guidance in key areas that will propel you into a being a most effective leader.  I will be hosting two sessions on Friday the 9th that will be focused on Financial Positioning for Success.  

At this conference I will introduce an opportunity for you to win the new Apple iPad Mini on 11/30/2012.  You don't want to miss this conference!! 

Here's more information on the conference.  Get registered today!  Here's the link -- >http://octaneconference.eventbrite.com/


Octane Flyer side 1 Octane Flyer side 2

03 May 2012

First Call: Savings Checkup - Lend an EAR!

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Are you Saving? 

Excuse me please, I apologize for interrupting you today but I must ask:  Are you saving money on a regular basis?  In reading a recent issue of Smart Money magazine, I found that a poll by

Bankrate.com showed that just 24% of Americans have the classic 3 to 6 months of income set aside in savings and almost 25% poll respondents have no savings at all.  That same article references a recent survey from ING that reported that most of the respondents of that survey (54%) put reducing debt as their top priority and only 24% of those respondents cited setting up an emergency fund as a top priority. 

16 April 2012

Debt Series: Simple Truth #3 - Don't Cosign!

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When you become a cosigner, you contractually join with another person by agreeing to assume the responsibility of repaying a debt if for any reason that primary borrower is unable to fulfill the payment terms.

To break this down, as a cosigner, you say “I got your back for this financial debt”

16 April 2012

NCTC Learning Framework class - I enjoyed our time together!

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I was honored to be the guest speaker for the Learning Framework class at North Central Texas College in Flower Mound, Texas tonight.  Thank you to professor Harold Jackson (Coach) for inviting me to speak to the class on the topic of  money management.

To the class members that attended:  You're such a great group!  Very energetic and your questions were right on point as needed to get to the details of practical steps that we all can take to improve on our personal financial management.  I did get a few promises to you and I want to hold you to them.  Here's the recap of these promises:

Dollar Close Up

1.  Those in the class that are not currently using a spending plan to manage their personal finances committed to create a spending plan (a spending road map that is to be created BEFORE the month begins and used as the measure when tracking actual spending during the month).  If you'd like to have the spending plan spreadsheets that I used in the class you are welcome to them!  Get them from Mr. Jackson or email me here and I will get them to you via a reply email.

2. For those of you that currently are not saving, you were challenged to begin saving now.  The goal is to begin saving this month (April 2012) by setting aside $5 this month and every month.  Let me know via a comment to this blog post if you rise to meet this challenge.  Here's your accountability opportunity! The $5 saving challenge is the minimum.   If you can save more, please do so!  

We also had an interesting discussion on credit card theft and discussed ways to avoid doing business with those companies that have a high potential for data loss.  Take an occasional look through credit card data breach sites that I noted so that you can be aware if there are data exposure incidents that have taken place the affect you.

Since we reviewed the process that is used to determine your FICO credit score, take the opportunity to implement practices that will naturally improve your credit score.  Start now and your credit score will start to get better now!

Walkway At Ceasars

Again, thank you for your warm welcome and I wish you all the best  in your education and life ventures!  


Carolyn M Williams

09 June 2016

Debt Series: Simple Truth #2 - Pay What You Owe!

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Pay what you owe.

dreamstimefree_1573802.jpg We shouldn't expect to be released from paying what we’ve obligated ourselves to pay.

A bailout is not our prayer.

A debt cancellation is not our prayer.

Our prayer is for the Lord to provide the resources required for us to be responsible in meeting our debt obligations. Our prayer is to ask for wisdom and guidance in managing those resources that the Lord currently provides to us so that we will be able to reflect Him in our financial actions.

Pay what you owe.

The core focus of this principle is not about getting the actual obligations paid. This principle is more about the condition of our heart concerning your financial obligations as a follower of Jesus Christ.

A “bailout” / “let-me-out” mentality is one that is ever present in individuals around the world when it comes to paying back debt. Bankruptcy is ever present and is a cyclical process in the lives of some. I’ve heard Christian believers pray to the Lord for a debt cancellation as an approach to handling outstanding obligations. I know that the Lord can cancel debts and I have a personal testimony of such a blessing! Principles in our Holy Bible instruct us to do just the opposite of these approaches. We’re instructed to own up to our responsibilities when we have an obligation and have a committed heart to paying it back in a timely manner. Different than what you’ve believed?

Let's reVerse!

We should honor our word by honoring agreements that we’ve made.

If a man makes a vow to the LORD, or swears an oath to bind himself by some agreement, he shall not break his word; he shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth. Numbers 30:2 NKJV

Wicked describes someone that lives their life in a crooked way – not following the word of God. This scripture notes that those that are wicked borrow and do not pay the obligation. If we are committed to living our lives with the Holy Bible as a guidebook, we should repay what we borrow.

The wicked borrows and does not repay, But the righteous shows mercy and gives. Psalms 37:21 NKJV

The laws of the land that the Israelites were to follow were established by Moses after he sought the Lord on such matters. In reading these established laws, it is clear to me that in addition to honoring obligations that they had made (Numbers 30:2), the children of God were instructed to abide by laws that promoted everyone taking care of their personal responsibilities. In addition to paying debt obligations, it included being responsible for the food, shelter and clothing for oneself and one’s family, the proper management of owned or borrowed personal property and paying what you owe for the consumption of goods and services. Here’s a few of the many verses to reference for these concepts:

The people of Israel vowed to be responsible to paying what they and their animals would consume while traveling through the land of Edom.

"'Please let us pass through your country. We will not pass through fields or vineyards, nor will we drink water from wells; we will go along the King’s Highway; we will not turn aside to the right hand or to the left until we have passed through your territory." Then Edom said to him, “You shall not pass through my land, lest I come out against you with the sword.” So the children of Israel said to him, “We will go by the Highway, and if I or my livestock drink any of your water, then I will pay for it; let me only pass through on foot, nothing more.” Numbers 20:17-19 NKJV

The children of Israel were in a position to take advantage of the people of Seir on their journey because the Israelites were feared. The Lord instructed His people be responsible and purchase food and water from them instead of capitalizing on the advantage. The Lord had blessed His people to be able to take care of themselves and instructed them to do so.

You shall buy food from them with money, that you may eat; and you shall also buy water from them with money, that you may drink. “For the LORD your God has blessed you in all the work of your hand." Deuteronomy 2:5-7 NKJV

King David refuses to take from anyone to give his offerings to the Lord. Even though he was king, he took his personal responsibilities to pay his obligations seriously.

Then King David said to Ornan, “No, but I will surely buy it for the full price, for I will not take what is yours for the LORD, nor offer burnt offerings with that which costs me nothing.” 1 Chronicles 21:24 NKJV

Jonah was purposefully running from the presence of the Lord. Even in his disobedience, he paid his obligated fare for boarding the ship to Tarshish. He didn’t expect anything to be free.

But Jonah arose to flee to Tarshish from the presence of the LORD. He went down to Joppa, and found a ship going to Tarshish; so he paid the fare, and went down into it, to go with them to Tarshish from the presence of the LORD. Jonah 1:3 NKJV

Paul shares with the Thessalonians that while ministering to them, Paul, Timothy and Silas worked and paid for their food so that their ministry would not be a burden to the people.

nor did we eat anyone’s bread free of charge, but worked with labor and toil night and day, that we might not be a burden to any of you. 2 Thessalonians 3:8 NKJV

Everyone should commit to pay what they owe. If you are the lender, do not go to the borrower to take repayments. Give your brother the opportunity to be obedient to the scriptures to initiate the payment of his debt. This will help to avoid strife.

When you lend your brother anything, you shall not go into his house to get his pledge. You shall stand outside, and the man to whom you lend shall bring the pledge out to you. Deuteronomy 24:10-11 NKJV

Here's my story...


I learned the principle of paying what you owe shortly after completing college. I borrowed to obtain student loans to fund my college education. After completing college and enjoying a 4 month grace period before student loan repayment time, I received the paperwork necessary to setup my loan repayments. As requested, I submitted the paperwork, received the payment certificates and began repaying my student loans. The payments were more than I wanted to pay but I was blessed to be gainfully employed in the professional field of my choosing and was making enough money to cover my expenses including this loan payment. I even had money left over! God is so good.

About 6 months into paying back this student loan obligation, I started to ask myself “Why am I paying this? I’m not getting anything for this money that I’m paying out each month.” I know you're wondering why I'd ask this question. Well yes, I did get an education and was awarded two degrees which did lend to making me attractive to corporations seeking young professionals BUT... I felt that I was owed that education!!

Let me explain the logic of my young mind … I was a smart kid… graduated second in my small high school class. On February 17 in my high school senior year I left home one afternoon to go play in a high school basketball game. I told my dad goodbye and assured him that I would not get in a fight in the game this time (well, this is another topic for another day...). I came home after the game later that night to witness my uncle and my mom speeding past the school bus in a reckless manner as they were rushing my dad to the hospital. My father had a heart attack at home shortly before I returned home from the game and he died shortly after his arrival at the hospital.

My dad didn’t get to hear me say that I didn’t get in a fight with anyone on the opposing team that night. He didn’t get to hear my Salutatorian speech 3 months later. He didn’t get to witness me finishing college. He missed out on all of those things. The most painful part was that I felt cheated by not having him there during these key milestone events for my 17th year of life.

There was no college fund. Since my dad was the sole breadwinner for our family, I paid for all of my college education without any assistance from my parents, thus the need for the student loans. I felt that I deserved to have my education funded since I had experienced so much loss. I then reasoned that I should be released from the student loans that I originally committed to repay!

I started looking for ways to get out of paying my loans – at the time there were options available. More people felt the way that I did and there were agencies and programs available to assist. I applied for and was granted a forbearance to suspend my student loan payments for 6 months. No student loan payments! Much better!! After this 6 month payment suspension period was over, I received paperwork to apply for another 6 month forbearance. My response? “Can you repeat that fax number please? I’ll return the completed forms to you today!” I did and again, no payments for another 6 months!

Something happened to me during this second 6 month forbearance time frame. I occasionally would wake up during the night with this item on my mind. I borrowed the money, but I was not paying it back even though payment was due per the original loan agreement. When I signed the papers as a student, I was so happy to get the loan because it meant that I could attend college. In my heart, I vowed that when I got a degree and a job I would pay back every penny. While wide awake in the middle of the night as an employed college graduate, I realized that my actions were telling a different story. I was wrong and I knew it. I could not rest well as long as I was in agreement with my current student loan repayment arrangements. This is how I learned the principle of pay what you owe. I didn’t speak to any friends or relatives. I didn't pick up a bible. I didn’t consult my Pastor or other church leaders but I learned this lesson well. The Holy Spirit taught me this invaluable lesson even though I wasn’t seeking the Lord and I didn’t know that this was a biblical principle.

After the second forbearance period lifted, I received a letter asking if I’d like to apply for the last suspension that would be possible for this loan. Without even thinking about it, I waived the option to reapply for suspension and worked with the lender to resume payments. I eventually paid off the loan and even sent extra funds toward the principle as a part of my repayment strategy. This was such an accomplishment for me! I was so proud of myself that I shared the success of paying off my student loans with family, friends and strangers alike! No one knew of or understood the heart change that took place as a part of paying off this loan – until now.

During that same adjustment period, needing to mourn the loss of my dad, I began a grieving process that I had unknowingly delayed for 5 years.

I’ve never forgotten this lesson. I learned it well. This principle is a relevant one for each of us. In the days of bailouts, bankruptcy and entitlement mentalities, this principle is often ignored.

Pay what you owe.

The Lord is our source. He wants us to be take responsibility for what we owe and diligently seek him for our needs.

If you are one of many that have in the past or are currently operating in an income shortfall condition, I pray that this principle does not leave you feeling judged. Bad things happen to good people - even those that love the Lord. I'm grateful that as Paul noted in Romans 8:1, therefore there is no condemnation for them that are in Christ Jesus our Lord. Don't feel that you've blown it if you haven't followed this principle. Seek the Lord to direct your path in the area of finances. Ask Him to change your heart and renew your mind if you've become conformed to the ways of this world.

Again, the key focus of the Pay What You Owe principle is the condition of our heart concerning our financial obligations. We should not have a heart to get out of paying our obligations or get things for free. The end of the story may be that we are released from the obligation... I call that God's favor and give him thanks for those wonderful blessings. And so should you!

Pay what you owe.

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31 December 2011

Welcome 2012 - I'll go where You want me to go

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For the last week, I’ve been listening to music that was given to me two years ago as a Christmas gift from a very dear friend (Thanks again CG!  You’re a blessing in so many ways!).  The CD is titled “It’s Christmas”and the artist is Ledisi.

The first song on this project is a simple and beautiful one entitled “I’ll Go”.    

When I hear this song...

It touches me in a way that makes me nod my head yes.   

I agree and witness to the words.   

It humbles me. 

It brings tears to my eyes and reminds me what is really important. 

My commitment to my spiritual assignment is refreshed. 

I don't know what's ahead on the road but I'm on it.

I’m encouraged to keep teaching, blogging and speaking even though my calendar shows that I don’t have the time to invest.

Big reaction from so few words...

I’ll go where You want me to go.

 The You I'm referering to in this post is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

 Here's a link to the song along with pictures of the talented artist!   I'll Go - Ledisi 

I have it on repeat on my MP3 player.  

In 2012, I’ll go.  Will you?

Thank you for allowing me to share with you in 2011.  Welcome 2012!  

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