16 April 2012

NCTC Learning Framework class - I enjoyed our time together!

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I was honored to be the guest speaker for the Learning Framework class at North Central Texas College in Flower Mound, Texas tonight.  Thank you to professor Harold Jackson (Coach) for inviting me to speak to the class on the topic of  money management.

To the class members that attended:  You're such a great group!  Very energetic and your questions were right on point as needed to get to the details of practical steps that we all can take to improve on our personal financial management.  I did get a few promises to you and I want to hold you to them.  Here's the recap of these promises:

Dollar Close Up

1.  Those in the class that are not currently using a spending plan to manage their personal finances committed to create a spending plan (a spending road map that is to be created BEFORE the month begins and used as the measure when tracking actual spending during the month).  If you'd like to have the spending plan spreadsheets that I used in the class you are welcome to them!  Get them from Mr. Jackson or email me here and I will get them to you via a reply email.

2. For those of you that currently are not saving, you were challenged to begin saving now.  The goal is to begin saving this month (April 2012) by setting aside $5 this month and every month.  Let me know via a comment to this blog post if you rise to meet this challenge.  Here's your accountability opportunity! The $5 saving challenge is the minimum.   If you can save more, please do so!  

We also had an interesting discussion on credit card theft and discussed ways to avoid doing business with those companies that have a high potential for data loss.  Take an occasional look through credit card data breach sites that I noted so that you can be aware if there are data exposure incidents that have taken place the affect you.

Since we reviewed the process that is used to determine your FICO credit score, take the opportunity to implement practices that will naturally improve your credit score.  Start now and your credit score will start to get better now!

Walkway At Ceasars

Again, thank you for your warm welcome and I wish you all the best  in your education and life ventures!  


Carolyn M Williams

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