06 November 2012

Join me at the Octane Leadership Conference - North Richland Hills, Texas

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Octane Leadership Conference - November 9th & 10th 2012 

North Richland Hills Center
North Richland Hills, Texas

It is a great time to review your current financial plans, priorities and practices as you determine if you're positioned to get to your desired destination.  


In looking at the definition of the word position, you will see the following words:
- Location             - Situation             - Posture
- State                   - Attitude              - Status
- Place                  - Outlook              - Standpoint

Think of the money and resources that are entrusted to you and the associated management practices that you're following today.  Are you in the location that you feel you should be?  How would you describe your current state?  

Come to the Octane Leadership conference and get practical tools and guidance in key areas that will propel you into a being a most effective leader.  I will be hosting two sessions on Friday the 9th that will be focused on Financial Positioning for Success.  

At this conference I will introduce an opportunity for you to win the new Apple iPad Mini on 11/30/2012.  You don't want to miss this conference!! 

Here's more information on the conference.  Get registered today!  Here's the link -- >http://octaneconference.eventbrite.com/


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