31 March 2016

Message Church: It was a pleasure to serve you!

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Message Church

I was so honored to be a guest speaker for a financial class at Message Church in Bedford, Texas. The class is "How to create a healthy financial life" and it consists of members of Message Church that have committed themselves to being doers of the word and improving their finances. I enjoyed every minute of sharing with the group and I continue to pray that every attendee continues to be blessed and empowered by something that I said as it was blended with the Holy Spirit working within every heart.

Our topic for the evening was Financial Credibility. Because the Lord wants us to be a city that sits on a hill that cannot be hidden, one way to do that in our financial life it to have a sterling reputation that cannot be disputed. The Lord has called us to be financially credible. I challenged the group by giving 'anyone the will' a five part assignment designed to empower every participant in getting, tracking and improving their credit scores in the next 90 days. Thanks to everyone that is taking on the challenge as an addition to the normal class assignments!

Message church in Bedford Texas is lead by Pastor Linda Silverman. The class "How to create a healthy financial life" is lead by a devoted member, servant leader and my college buddy, Brenda Toombs.


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