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27 November 2011

Living in Budget Deficit Conditions - What does it mean?

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I remember late July 2011 - many unanswered questions on what was going to happen to our US economy.  Many words on raising the debt ceiling...threats to shutdown the federal government... 

09 August 2011

World financial instability - What do we do?

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Yesterday and today will prove to be eventful in our worldwide financial markets - and not in a good way.  CNBC had a special program on TV entitled "Markets in Turmoil".  At the close of yesterday's US stock market, the Dow was down 635 points, closing at 10,810, Nasdaq down 6.9% to close at 2,358 and the S&P down 80 points ending the day at 1,119.   Sentiments continued in the European and Middle Eastern markets.  Expecting more of the same with today's market opening at 8:30 central time.

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