09 August 2011

World financial instability - What do we do?

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Yesterday and today will prove to be eventful in our worldwide financial markets - and not in a good way.  CNBC had a special program on TV entitled "Markets in Turmoil".  At the close of yesterday's US stock market, the Dow was down 635 points, closing at 10,810, Nasdaq down 6.9% to close at 2,358 and the S&P down 80 points ending the day at 1,119.   Sentiments continued in the European and Middle Eastern markets.  Expecting more of the same with today's market opening at 8:30 central time.

I'm one that loves God and have committed to follow principles in the Holy Bible in the managing 100% of financial resources and assets that are in my possession. I'm not perfect by a long shot and I haven't always done everything as I should have. I'm not educated in the area of finances outside of what I've been taught through His word and the Holy Spirit. I can profess that knowing what God's word says on finances, petitioning Him for wisdom in this area and embracing multiple prophetic visions on this subject over the years contributes to my ability to rest in Him during these unstable times and prepare to position and prosper in this season.

Check this blog and I will share some of the biblical financial principles that I follow. If you don't know what you should do in these financial times, my prayer is that from the info you read here, you will begin to develop a personal financial management plan that works for you today, tomorrow and beyond!

You'll also learn more about me along the way...

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