06 July 2014

Claim Your Financial Authority - Series Introduction

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Are you a Christian? Take your rightful financial place!

For those of us that have truly accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior, we individually asked for this acceptance and made a commitment to make lifestyle changes to live as instructed to do in the Holy Bible.

Sustaining the level of financial positioning as the bible instructs us to do requires that we operate with financial purpose. How do we do this? The answer starts with the word NO. Walking in financial authority looks like this:

  • No personal financial ignorance
  • No living beyond our means.
  • No empty savings accounts.
  • No debt or payday loans.
  • No FICO credit scores below 700.
  • No slack in giving to the poor.
  • No slack in giving to build God’s kingdom.
  • No questionable plans for retirement.
  • No individuals without legacy plans .

For those of you that know me well, I know that you are simply shocked that I'm using the word no. I'm a negotiator deep in my heart. For that reason when I hear the word no spoken to me, I usually work to introduce cases for exceptions, later accommodations or I just flat out fight the power. In this case we all will need to speak the word no to ourselves. No compromise, no exceptions.

The word no is the most aggressive two letter word in our English vocabulary. It is a statement of forbidding, rejection and notice that something is quite the opposite of what was specified. For the purpose of this series, I won't fight the opposition. I will embrace the opposition in a way that will lead to a positive result for everyone that takes the challenge.

In this series, I'm going to take each of the earlier "NO" statements and detail an actionable plan to achieve each objective. As is customary, I will also detail the biblical scriptures associated with the recommended practices in addition to sharing more of my personal accounts in each of these areas.

Ready to take your rightful place in the area of finances and be who He has called you to be? Ready to claim the financial authority in the earth of which you are entitled? I am! Come and walk it out in your life as you follow this series.

Not a Christian? Want to elevate your financial position? Stay with me. The Christian financial principles that I will outline will work for everyone that will work them.

Ready to take your rightful financial place? Let's do it! Stay tuned!

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