31 August 2014

Enjoyed being a part of the 2014 Wolfe Project School Reunion!!

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It was such a blessing to be a part of the
2014 Wolfe Project School Reunion in Dallas Texas!

Stay tuned for registration information. Limited spaces per class.

The Wolfe Project School was birthed in 1938 in rural Southeast Arkansas as a segregated school that served needs of African American students in the Desha School district. The school and the community continued to grow and thrive until school was closed in 1967 as a result of integration.

The educators, students and community members have kept the community that was created by this school alive through biennial reunion gatherings. These gatherings have been times of celebration, encouragement and remembrances.

I was invited to be the banquet speaker for the 2014 reunion. This was such an honor! My dad, the late Hayward Williams, Sr attended this school along with one of my sisters. I shared and encouraged everyone to leave the legacy they are purposed to leave.

Takeaway from this session: You are not going to be here forever, but your legacy can be.

The Wolfe Project School has been closed for many years. There is no one employed by the school and the building has been torn down for many years. In spite of that, the 2014 reunion of students, teachers and community members alike is flourishing as strong as a reunion of a class or school that is in full operation. This a noteworthy legacy! Thanks again for inviting me to participate in this fun fun occasion!

Everyone is going to leave a legacy - those things that are said about you and passed down by you when you're no longer here. Are you building yours to make the mark that God has purposed for you to make?

Go and get busy creating your legacy on purpose. No one else can do it for you!!


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